Cardzgroup FAQ

General FAQ

  • 1. Why choose Cardzgroup?

    Simply, we make outsourcing your card production effortless. With foreign managers on the ground overseeing your orders and providing continual updates you can rest assured that you will receive excellent quality cards at a fraction of the price you would pay in a Western factory, but with the same quality.

  • 2. How is your pricing so competitive?

    The Chinese business culture is usually based on a lengthy price negotiation plus they usually charge a premium if they know you are an overseas company. By having our headquarters located in China combined with the large monthly orders we place with our partners, we have been accorded many price breaks that overseas customers just don't receive.

  • 3. How did Cardzgroup begin?

    Cardzgroup was the brainchild of four Westerners who had been working in the card industry for many years. We saw a niche whereby we could partner with Chinese factories and combine our knowledge of Western card production techniques and Western quality expectations with the low cost of doing business in China. Two of the directors were already living in China running a complementary PVC business while the other two were based in the UK running a successful card re-distribution company. The merging of these companies allowed us to both focus on our core competencies of production and marketing.

    Three of our Directors had previously worked in Gemalto Europe with the fourth working in the PVC card market within China.

  • 4. How do you deal with the communication problems in China?

    It is important in China to understand the many cultural and communication nuances that permeate the business landscape. Our Managing Director who is originally from Australia deals with all supplier relationships and speaks fluent Mandarin. All our staff are also bilingual Mandarin/English speakers.

Products FAQ

  • 1. We have been to China before and been disappointed by the quality. Will your cards be the same quality as can be found in the West?

    It is important to remember that in China there are over 900 card factories. These range from small 'garage type' operations to factory's with over 1000 staff. It is very difficult for people to come from overseas and source the right factory. This is why our company has filled such an important niche for overseas companies wanting to outsource card manufacture.

    With our orders 100% are exported overseas. We do not sell within the Chinese market.

    In terms of quality we have produced cards for many of the world's top card manufacturers and companies, many of them listed on the London and New York Stock Exchange. We stand by our products, and our customers positive feedback attest to our quality and success in the Western market.

    We are able to provide references upon request.

  • 2. How do you oversee production in the factories?

    All production is overseen by a qualified Cardzgroup Production Manager. The Production Manager and his team QC the card at every stage of the production process. From proof approval the Production Manager signs off on every procedure that your order will go through and finally will personally oversee the QC inspection. We have staff in all four of our partner factories that oversee our operations full time.

  • 3. What QC methods do you use?

    All orders are inspected 100% by our Production team. Some of our overseas customers require SGS inspection and this can be organised from our offices in Shenzhen.


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